A Day

A Day’s Eye, plucked

and placed behind an ear

-sun yellow and snow white on soft brown-

surpasses sham bouquets

and bloodless clichés


A Day’s Bread, blessed

by familiar hands and

made for breaking together-

Not stocked or boxed

or ready-to-go from lit windows


A Day’s Trouble, told

not for fixing but feeling

Forget five-step solutions

and listen as the words break

with sharp intakes of breath-

Lean in close


A Day’s Joy, sung

and danced and stamped

above an eyebrow with invisible ink-


Careless of photos, new posts, and groupthink


A Day’s End, eclipsed

by distraction and sapped

of its painted appeal

needs sleepy secret watches

together watching

a billion bodies gleam


A Day’s Love

A Day’s Love made a Life’s Labor.

An irresistible enclosing

An inexorable exposure

The cost of knowing and being known.