They say the truth will out

They say the truth will out,

though even if it shouts

the sound is drowned

by wolves howling

and sheep bleating,

by snakes hissing

and birds chirping,

all loose under the light of a tired sun


They say the truth will out,

but what was He in

that night at the mountain-

the whirl-wind

and land-slide,

the thunder

and fire,

or the whisper at the cave mouth?

Tell Me A Story

As Leland Ryken says, “one of the most universal human impulses can be summed up in the four words, ‘Tell me a story'” (Windows to the World). As time has passed and technology progressed, we have told our stories in different ways, but what unites novels, plays, radio tales, and movies is the storytelling act. While no one mode of expression seems necessary for our storytelling, there is one form that we should never let disappear: literature.

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